Tonya Wilhelm featured in Experience Life Magazine

May 13, 2020: Tonya Wilhelm was featured in an article for Experience Life Magazine. The article, “How to Deal with Pandemic Burnout”, provided information on how to manage symptoms related to Covid-19 burnout, including self-compassion, limited news and social media intake, and rest.

Webinar conducted for Spot Spas

April 21, 2020: Tonya Wilhelm provided a webinar for Minneapolis-based Spot Spas, on Managing Covid-19 Burnout. Fundamentals of why we are experiencing burnout and strategies for crisis self-care were provided.

Proceeds from the webinar were donated to Tubman, a local agency that provides support to people experiencing domestic violence.

Free Covid-19 support offered

March 24, 2020: In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Wilhelm Therapy & Consulting began providing free online support for essential workers impacted by the pandemic. Due to Covid-19 more professionals than ever are exposed to trauma and its devastating impact on physical and emotional health. Free Covid-19 support will continue throughout the pandemic.

Wilhelm Therapy & Consulting partners for seminar at Minnesota Association of School Administrators conference

October 8, 2019: Tonya Wilhelm and education consultant Jen Geopfert presented at Minnesota Association of School Administrators conference in Duluth, MN.

Their presentation, “Supporting Teachers in Managing Burnout When Working with Trauma-Affected Students,” provided information on how trauma impacts educators as well as strategies for administrators to implement to support educators well-being and resilience.

Wilhelm Therapy & Consulting opens for business

July 1, 2019- Wilhelm Therapy & Consulting opened for business on July 1, 2019. (actually, I’m not sure and have never been sure what to say the real start date is. I gave my first paid training in May of 2019, the website launched July 1, my office opened October 1).

Wilhelm Therapy & Consulting was started on the principles of founder Tonya Wilhelm, that those caring for people who have experienced trauma need significantly more care and attention themselves than they currently receive. Tonya has spent her career working directly with clients who have suffered from trauma, as well as partnering with other professionals such as therapists, teachers, social workers, case managers and volunteers.

The agency’s mission is to help both organizations and individual professionals manage the effects of what is typically called vicarious trauma or secondary trauma, but what we call Provider Trauma. Services include consulting, training, supervision and individual therapy.

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